Is there a MLA Putter suited to every golfer?

When it comes to putters, golfers can be extremely fickle at times, especially those at the highest level who demand unerring accuracy, perfect weight distribution and plenty of feel when taking putts. A golfer struggling with the putter may go through many different putter designs over the course of the season until they find one they are comfortable with.

While amateur players may not be quite so quick to change putters regularly, the same principle of finding a putter that fulfils all the right criteria of weight, usability, stylish and elegant design and of course, being able to get the ball in the hole more often is still hugely important.

When MLA first began to establish the range of putters on offer, the company asked itself some very searching questions about what type of putters people like to use and then from the answers of that simple query, the design team got to work.

Of course, the design team had more to cope with than simply how a putter looked and felt in the hands. All MLA putters come with the patented and unique MLA technology built in, ensuring that golfers of all abilities can find the right line of the putt more often.

The result of this tireless design and development process has finally borne fruit with the fantastic range of MLA Putters from both 2013 and 2014. So the question now has to be asked, has MLA addressed the specific needs of every golfer when it comes to the range of putters on offer?

Unequivocally, than answer is yes.

First off, for the tour level player, golf professional or serious amateur, MLA offers an outstanding range of Pro-series clubs including the simple yet elegant Pro Classic, the eye-catching Pro Mallet and for those that prefer a slightly heavier and longer putter head, the Pro Xdream is a great choice.

For a lower price, there is the choice of the Tour Mallet, Tour Xdream and Tour Classic designs, which are very similar to the Pro options and which are also available in both left handed as well as right handed options.

For amateurs seeking the best way to implement MLA technology at an affordable price, then the great news is that there are also two exciting putters that fit the bill. The stylish Adixion is instantly recognisable by its striking black shaft and somewhat unusual shape of the putter head, whereas golfers who prefer a more traditional look will love the new Defender putter, which has the distinctive set-back face, which remains one of the most popular designs on the professional tour and an equally popular choice with amateur players too.

So whether the golfer wants to spend a little or a lot, wants a striking new space-age design, or a traditional-shaped putter, MLA’s range of putters are designed to answer the need for all golfers, with the added bonus of taking advantage of the high degree of accuracy that comes with having MLA technology at the heart of the design.

Check out the full range of 2013 and 2014 putters at MLA Golf today and start the journey towards sinking more putts, more often.



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