About Us

MLA Golf is fast establishing itself as a global player in high-performance golf clubs and equipment, with a strong reputation for innovation and quality.

The design and manufacture of golf clubs is both an art and a science. MLA uses the very latest technology and computeraided design mixed with our experience and hand-crafting skills to build thousands of clubs as well as custom-made clubs.

Val T. our Director of Development and Chief Designer, is currently creating the 2nd generation of our successful Tour Series, combining the best materials and shapes with a subtle evolution of our alignment technology. Our putters will also offer a unique and patented weighting system that will allow you to play differently depending on the type of green and your style.

Another major novelty, our future and new Tour Uniform will be made "in-house" which represents a major challenge for our group.

From its headquarters in Switzerland – a country renowned for precision engineering – MLA Golf has expanded into the U.S. in 2016. MLA putters are present in 30 countries with world-class products that can compete in most markets, preparations to enter Japan as well in 2023 is firmly underway.

With its pioneering Multiple Line-detector Activation alignment technology, MLA Golf Putters have been designed initially in Sweden using leading academic research. Whatever your playing level, you now have everything you need to reach success on even the most demanding courses.

Our putters include both blades and mallets. Blades are the more traditional-looking, thin putters, they allow precision in terms of judging distance. Mallets, which have a similar sized face to blades, have a much larger back and are usually heavier. The overall weight distribution and multiple weight combination allow to have a perfect balanced or a mid to high toe weighted putter with the head weight you wish from 320g upwards 500g and this will apply to all our future putters.With our putters you will just have to choose the putter balance and weight that fits you.

MLA never compromises on quality, prioritizing genuine improvements to your game ahead of beautiful design – your clubs will not just look great, but give you the edge for years to come.

The breakthrough MLA Aim Technology, and the research that goes into our clubs, make the green more accessible with every swing and every putt. It’s no wonder that more and more acclaimed golfers across the world are switching to MLA Golf and feeling the difference for themselves.

Now it’s your turn.

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