Golf Guide Summer Edition - June 2017

The Tour Xdream Putter by MLA

New England Gofl Monthly Magazine by Ed Travis - June 2017

"Our Favorite Putters, Balls and Wedges for 2017". 

What the GOLFINGDADS from Florida thinks about the Tour Classic - June 2017

"We’re here to tell you that it may be the best new invention in putters to date".

Golf Central Magazine, FL - June 2017

"This world leading U.S. patented alignment system will make this putter the most important club in your bag".
Page 70..

Who hit me? The Ball doesn't care by Adam Beach - April 2017

"Kudos to you MLA. Keep doing what you are doin' ".

MLA selects The Media Group to manage its Public Relations efforts in the U.S. - April 2017

"MLA Golf, a global player in high-performance golf clubs and equipment, announced today that they’ve selected, The Media Group, a communications firm based out of Chicago, Illinois to handle its public relations efforts".

Plugged-In Golf from Chicago, IL - March 2017

"The MLA Tour Blade FT putter packs the company’s trademark alignment technology in a pleasing, adjustable blade".

Practical Golf - January 2017

"I was impressed by MLA's line of putters".

Finishing up blade 2017 testing soon...#MostWanted by MyGolfSpy

The MLA putters performing VERY well yet again in 2017 #MostWanted by MyGolfSpy

"Not a shocker".

2017 FIRST LOOK of the Tour Blade F&T by MyGolfSpy

"The Surprise Top-Performer Gets A Makeover and a new Blade".

Plugged-in Golf - December 2016

"The MLA Golf Tour XDream putter is a modern mallet with a unique, effective alignment aid. Based on our testing, there’s no question about it: MLA's signature alignment feature is actually easier to aim. Whether you choose the Tour Series or one of their lower priced models, I expect that you’ll feel the same confidence looking down at it".

South Florida Golf Magazine - December 2016

"MLA is a name that is gaining traction in both amateur and prefessional circles, not just because of their use of innovative designm but also because of their proven and effective results".

Go Golf Time review - October 2016

"MLA Golf has changed the future of putter technology. The XDream is one of the most forgiving and accurate hi-tech putters I have ever rolled. MLA Putters are extremely high quality and are sold at a very fair price. I believe that their technology will make any level golfer a better putter!"

BMW Swiss PGA Championship 2016

The BMW Swiss PGA Championship 2016 was hosted on the competitive course of Golf Club Lucerne. Jean-Luc Burnier dominated the final round over Corsin Caviezel and took the title with a 5&4 win. The Ladies title was taken by Clara Pietri with a 4&3 win over Roxane Scharl.

ASIA PACIFIC GOLF GROUP - Issue #192 September 2016

"A PUTTER THAT TALKS TO YOUR BRAIN? You bet! MLA, a European equipment manufacturer have produced a putter which maximizes the brain's potential to see a putt's line more clearly - to compute all the visual information more accurately. Asian Golf will be the first in Asia to put this revolutionary product to test".
Read more about our findings..

ASIAN GOLF- Cover page September 2016 issue

"A putter that speaks to your brain? We kid you not! This is fascinating and revolutionary technology - MLA Golf's incredible putters. By our reckoning, these putters from Switzerland are going to come as game-changers in the money-end of game of golf".


"The largest unbiased, DATACRATIC Putter Tester conducted by anyone in the golf media industry in now released.
The MLA TOUR X-DREAM is ranked 5th overall and 1st at 20' feet.
3 other MLA putters have been awarded within this year selection".


"The largest unbiased, DATACRATIC Putter Tester conducted by anyone in the golf media industry in now released.
For the first year, MLA is in the TOP 10 with our MLA Target Series Defender at rank 7th".


"The largest unbiased, DATACRATIC Putter Tester conducted by anyone in the golf media industry in now released.
TOP 15 included 3 MLA putters at the 3rd, 5th and 11th places".

Tester Wanted - April 2016

"When you’re getting ready to putt and look down at your putter, what do you see?
Do you see one line? A dot? Two lines? Three? Lines and dots?
And do any of these things help you align the putter square to your intended line?"

Golf Equipment World’s Hidden Gems - February 2016

"What is the single most important thing you look for in a putter?
We think it should be results. That sounds obvious enough, but we know that lower scores aren't always at the top of every golfer's list. That spot is usually reserved for feel, sound, and even looks".

Most Wanted Putter: Overall Winner - August 2015

"Over the past few weeks we've shared the results of both our Most Wanted Blade and Most Wanted Mallet Tests. Those individual results will help blade guys find the best blade, and mallet guys find the best mallet".

Most Wanted Mallet Putter 2015 - August 2015

"Yesterday you saw the big list of putters we evaluated in our 2015 Most Wanted Mallet Putter Test.
Today we show you how they performed. As with all MyGolfSpy testing, logos and name means nothing. Performance is everything. And our new scoring system is the most accurate way to test performance regarding player putter efficiency".

Hors Ligne - Summer 2015

"A Swiss putter - Switzerland is not short of Golf courses, combining scenic beauty with course technical difficulty, however, very few people are aware that the MLA putter, one of the best in the world, is Swiss".