How To Maximise The Benefit Of Using An MLA Putter

One of the main reasons why any golfer would consider using an MLA putter, alongside the stylish design, superb feel and perfect weighting, is the fact that the built-in MLA technology will allow the golfer to maximise the number of putts that they make on the green.

However, it would be wrong to think that any golfer who struggles with their putting, could simply pick up an MLA putter, walk out onto the green and start knocking the ball into the hole from 20, 30 or 40 feet with unerring regularity.

Putting is not an exact science, but what the technology built in to every MLA putter does, is allow the brain of the typical golfer the ability to recognise which is the ‘correct’ information it is receiving visually as regards the line to hit the putt. Most critically, MLA technology also filters out or quietens the ‘incorrect’ information that it receives that would send the ball off on the wrong line.

That is a great starting point for any golfer, but as with any piece of new golf equipment and regardless of whether the golfer in question is a top tour player, or a 28-handicap beginner to the game, there has to be additional steps taken in order to maximise the benefit of this new technology in the bag.

The first thing any golfer should do with their MLA Putter is get out onto the greens and start hitting putts. Perhaps under the watchful eye of a golf coach, or a professional who can clearly spot and eradicate any inherent weaknesses in the players putting stroke.

The fact of the matter here is that while MLA Putters will help any player improve, a player will see these improvements far more quickly if any weaknesses in their putting stroke, style, stance or grip is addressed at the same time.

Asking a teaching professional to evaluate how a player putts is a great way to ensure that any putting stroke is solid, consistent and that there are not any fundamental errors in the stroke that are contributory factors as to why the player is not making more putts than they should. Once a player is confident that their putting stroke is fundamentally sound, then the next way to maximise benefit is simple - Practice.

All too often at the range amateur players will spend an hour with the driver and long irons hitting tee-shot after tee-shot, but will not bother taking the putter out of the bag. These are the same players that then wonder why they leave a 12-foot putt, six feet short when they play in the monthly medal.

Using any new piece of golf equipment takes time to adjust to the feel and weight of it and with a putter, this is doubly so. Build into any golf practice routine plenty of time to hit lots of putts of varying distance and complexity. This will allow the golfer to get a feel for the club, but also allow them to fully understand and utilise the MLA technology, which allows them to putt more accurately.

Finally, once a golfer is out on the course and is playing competitively, trust your new putter. Think of the work put in at the range and on the practice greens, listen to what the brain is saying regarding the right line and trust it to deliver the right putt. If a golfer can do this, then they will undoubtedly start to hole more putts, more often. That’s the beauty of MLA Golf technology.

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