January 29, 2016


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Introducing MLA Putter

Introducing MLA Putter revolutionary alignment technology.

Clara Pietri explains why she choose MLA Golf putter

Clara Pietri explains, in a recent interview, why she chooses to play with the MLA Golf putter. She increases her putting from 50% to 90% with our revolutionary alignment technology.

Clara Pietri interview, Swiss Golf champion

Clara Pietri, the young Pro Golf player, is the first French-speaking Swiss Playing Pro in July 2015. She is working on her qualification for the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Clara Pietri improves her putting from 50% to 90% by using a MLA putter.

MLA technologie

December 05, 2014


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The Importance of Visualisation when Putting

Confidence is key when it comes to standing over a tricky 6-foot putt and it is common to think that the ability to hole these clutch putts are what denotes a successful golfer. However, even the most accomplished putter is as susceptible to a crisis of confidence as someone not so confident on the green. Furthermore, there are plenty of cautionary tales of golfers, that have played perfectly from tee to green, only to find that the decisive touch with the putter eludes them.

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