MLA Golf Tour Classic: 3rd most wanted putter overall

After coming in 2nd for mallet putters, the MLA Golf Tour Classic comes in third place overall out of 57 putters in a rigorous testing process designed by Professor Mark Broadie of Columbia Business School on My Golf Spy!

Choose the MLA Golf Tour Classic and gain an average of 1.47 strokes!

From their site:

"The final Strokes Gained 18 number you see is the number of strokes you can expect to drop off your score for a 18 hole round of golf relative to the average of putters in the field. As we mentioned yesterday, MyGolfSpy scoring is based upon the Strokes Gained putting statistic. Like years previous, our testers putted from 5, 10, and 20 foot distances, but rather than measuring radial accuracy, this year we are looking at strokes gained vs. the average."

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