The largest unbiased, DATACRATIC Putter Tester conducted by anyone in the golf media industry in now even better.


How They Test

Testers are asked to play a series of holes with each putter. 18 holes total are played from three distances;  5, 10, and 20 feet (each) by each tester with each mallet in the test. The total number of putts required to finish each hole is recorded. At the completion of the test, a Strokes Gained value is calculated for each putter.

Here are the complete parameters of this year's test:

  • Number of Testers: 20
  • Handicap Range: +3-20
  • Test Location: MyGolfSpy Testing Facility
  • Balls Used: Bridgestone B330-RX
  • Distances Assessed: Five, Ten, and Twenty Feet
  • Holes Completed at Each Distance: 6 (per tester/per putter)
  • Total Putts in Test: 9000

The Winners

The MLA Tour X Dream is ranked at the 3rd place!

The Tour Mallet is ranked at the 5th place! 


The Data

The chart below contains data from this year's test. You can hover over any column title to bring up the sort feature, allowing you to sort by whatever columns you feel are most relevant to you.

The overall rankings are based on the Strokes Gained value, which is found in the last column.

Mobile Users: For best results, rotate your phone and view the chart in landscape mode.




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September 02, 2016

Putting can save your round, and 1st at 20ft isnt’ bad


September 02, 2016

Those are impressive results, where can we see them in the Bay Area?

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