MLA Tour Classic

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What exactly is so special about MLA Pro and Tour Series?
MLA have produced a putter which maximizes our brain’s potential to see a putt’s line more clearly - to compute all the visual information more accurately. In other words, MLA putters talk to your brain in a way no other putters do. Combine this with the ability to weight the putter perfectly to suit your posture, balance and height, and the results have been truly outstanding.

Look at the top of MLA putters and you will see the co-ordination-enhancing design intended to use the optimum number of sensors in your brain to compute all the necessary information needed to putt successfully, while avoiding overloading your brain with unnecessary information. MLA (Multiple Line-detector Activation) is the new U.S. patented alignment technology that will revolutionize your putting.

Improve your putting skills by more than 33%!

Average results of alignment test conducted by Science & Motion Golf.

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