Tour Series Collection

An Engineered precision instrument. By combining a classic look with a front end aiming technology, the Tour Series Collection gives you 3 precision tools you could only dream of.

Tour Classic: 
Head weight 384g
Tour Mallet: Head weight 360g

Tour Dream: 
Head weight 375g

LOFT: 2,5° 
LIE: 70°
LENGTH: 34" (standard), 32", 33", 35", 36" 
HAND: Available in RH & LH 
WEIGHTS: 2x 5g included
FINISH: Black/Green

GRIP: WINN Midsize pistol - 79g (until stock last) or P2 Aware Tour black - 55g

P2 Aware Tour white - 55g (check our Accessories section)
WEIGHT KIT: 2x 10g, 2x15g (check our Accessories section)

The overall weight distribution makes them perfectly balanced and the soft touch gives great distance control. To fully support your different needs the Tour Series Collection has an interchangeable weight system to benefit from, along with the world leading U.S. patented perceptual alignment technology. Maximize your performance with this 100% full milled precision instrument engineered in Sweden.

All pictures are displaying real products (no 3D rendering).

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20 days money back guarantee (upon receipt of the goods).

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