Pro Xdream

A new design of the outstanding Xdream with its great weight distribution and all benefits of greater roll and higher MOI.

LOFT: 2,5°
LIE: 71,5°
LENGTH: 32", 33", 34", 35", 36"
HAND: Available in RH & LH
FINISH: Silver & Black
GRIP: WINN pistol - 79g (until stock last)

GRIP: P2 Aware Tour - 55g (check our Accessories section)

Together with the world leading MLA alignment system, Pro Xdream provides you with all the possibilities to become your dearest possession. With an insert for soft touch and an over the hosel shafting with 1/4 Toe Hang it provides a natural easy setup position for better consistency. The Pro Xdream is worth admiring.

All pictures are displaying real products (no 3D rendering).

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