The Forward Golf putting grip uses Grip Forward Technology to unite the arms and putter as a single unit.  This results in a smoother and more consistent stroke the very first time you use it.  Start making more putts today!

• Red with MLA black finish (midsize)
• Black with MLA red finish (midsize)
• Black with MLA green finish (midsize)

• Black with red finish (jumbo)
• Black with white finish (jumbo)
• Black with blue finish (jumbo)

- Midsize
- Jumbo

• Unique shape & tapered design calms the hands
• Minimizes tension required to hold the grip
• Weight: 58g +/- 3g (70g for the Jumbo)
• Great feel and tackiness
• Fits standard shaft sizes: .58″ and .60″
• Standard installation with grip tape & solvent
• Approved: conforms with USGA Rules


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